Visiting Art Tutor


with tutor Jonathan Ellis

Use this four-day course in Oxfordshire to explore the motifs suggested by the gardens and landscape around Oxleaze. This course aims to rediscover Cezanne's work with fresh eyes, and to end up somewhere new using our discoveries. It will be intense and encouraging, founded in research yet subject to gesture and emotion.

This year ‘From Cezanne to You’ will encourage you to look at how four different artists extracted methodology from looking closely at Cezanne’s later work and then to become yourself, rather than to copy their styles too closely.

MONDAY:  Cezanne and Braque in Estaque

Braque (and Picasso!) followed Cezanne to Estaque and discovered earth colours and strong planes – your turn to look at the picturesque buildings of Oxleaze farm, to take the next step with your oil paint palette.

TUESDAY:  Water in colours with Hitchens

If we look at Cezanne’s rich coloured brushwork in detail, we will see that Hitchens broader sweeps appear. The pond is our subject. Pouring oil on Water …

WEDNESDAY:  Acrylic Textures, dribbles and layers

Consequences, as we look at Hitchens again and add some of Peter Doig’s experimental surface making, this time eschewing oil paint for the opportunities offered by acrylic paint on a hard surface.

THURSDAY:  Hitchens, re-composed

Cezannes oil compositions are masterly, so let’s imagine Ivon Hitchens began with carefully considered constructions before letting loose with his large brushes.

Cost: £450 plus £60 for lunches for the four days

£150 Deposit

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